“Barbuse In The Mix” Guest composer for one week workshop to create a collaborative piece [La Muse en Circuit CNCM].
“Teleport” VR installation - Spatial Sound and XOR 3D Modeling [Timcheh Music Festival]. 
“Clubism” Radio show - CoHost w/Carreidas discussing interstices between club and experimental music [Station Sation/La Station Gare Des Mines].
Spæs Lab residency program around IKO speaker [Berlin Funkhaus].
Original 24 channels piece for SeaM [Bauhaus University].
“Open” commissioned generative pieces for Odio [Volst].
Original music score for Metropole, short film [Milan Tintané-Ducharme].


Soundscape workshop with Pierre Fleurence for ESAAIX + Barry Truax [GMEM CNCM].
Declare/decay piece - VR group exhibition [XOR space].
Binaural composition comission Acoustic Interiors [New Emergences].
Radiophonic piece with Hessel Veldman [WORM/Concertzender].
Sounding the Spui piece, outdoor sound installation of 18 channels [Rewire Festival].
Conception, realization, mediation for the Rotterdam Soundscape festival [AF Rotterdam].
A/V Live with Mees Siderius [Gârden production].

Turn (4’46) and C&R (4’54) [compositions for Institute of Sonology WFS System].
Conception and realization of an electroacoustic music discovery course in collaboration with Dominique Saint Martin [INA GRM].
Original score for Météorologiesand Atento, short film + documentary [Louise Fillipi].
Macrophone project, A/V live [Raphaël Morel].