Hugo Lioret is a sound artist, PhD researcher and music mediator based in Paris, FR.

His work, rooted on organicity, encompasses electroacoustic composition, free improvisation, audiovisual performances, music for fixed medias, sound in situ and sound design through digital processes, field recording and modular approaches. 

He develops his artistic and PhD research on organicity through analysis, expression and transmission under the supervision of Hyacinthe Ravet and Pierre Couprie at Sorbonne University with the artistic assitance of Laetitia Sonami. Curtis Roads supports this project.

Hugo studied sound practicies with Mathias Delplanque, with Hervé Bouley at Radio France in Paris and at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague. After a BA in music mediation and a MA in musicology (thesis on field recording supervised by Catherine Rudent) at Sorbonne University, he worked at INA GRM on pedagogy and at GMEM CNCM as in charge of the transmission unit. Hugo is now in charge of the public relations for the contemporary music ensemble 2E2M.  

The aim of this PhD is to study, criticize and develop a cross-referenced research between the artistic and scientific understanding of the term "organic" based on interdisciplinary approaches. As a composer, the analysis of the organic is feeding strategies of expression (composition) and transmission (mediation). Analysis of the sounds, spectromorphologies, musical structures and stylistic characteristics from the corpus defined is leading composition and interpretation on the microscopic and macroscopic scale spectrum.